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designers for a better world (2009 - 2010)

For this ‘artists united’ production, fashion designers concerned with social and environmental well-being each created a collection, inspired by an urging global issue they felt needed attention.

Photo artist Sophie Rata thought out an appropriate concept for each collection, which resulted in three impressing series, images that scream for our attention.

Marie Cramer designed outfits that point out the benefit of micro credits for women who cannot otherwise meet even the most minimal qualifications necessary to gain access to traditional credit. (2010)

Krimson is a creative team of dedicated web developers joining forces to do cool stuff with Drupal.

Originally I barged into their office looking for a great Krew to implement the designs of my non-profit site and program a thorough management system - a job they accomplished with excellence.

Although their budget for non profit for that year was all spent, they decided to close a deal with me by forming a tight partnership. At first we agreed on a one time exchange of our skill sets - satisfied with the results we decided to prolong the collaboration to a permanent one.

As marvelous as their work may be, they had spent very little time on their own corporate site... which, I managed to convince them, doesn’t look very professional for a site developing company.

In short - our collaboration resulted in the production of this beautiful piece of art;

conserve all arts (2010)

For the design of our t-shirt we've asked our printing partners at Afreux to work from a graffiti piece we adopted from a street artist in Buenos Aires.

The tank top is made of organic cotton and was produced by Greenpeace, respecting fair trade regulation. We kept it's natural color and used eco ink for printing.

Buying this tank top means donating the full 15 euros to A Better World, financing artistic productions that are used for inspirational, sensitizing and fundraising purposes.

To purchase your own go to

marie ... the woman of your trees (2010-2011)

This 'artists united' For A Better World production was created thanks to the combined effort of actress Marie Vinck, photographer Sophie Rata, filmmaker Bert Oste, costume designer Pieter Van den Zegel, make-up & visual artist Annelien Debusschere, topmodel Thomas Gielen, graphic designer Peter Eeckelaert and the Swedish band Thus:Owls.

ForABetterWorld produced this artistic campaign for -

a project that inspires people to help planting 1 million trees in Flanders, Belgium and 1 million in the Amazon.

This sensitizing campaign runs alongside Marie’s actual support on the field. In an attempt to create greater awareness to deforestation and the consequential effects such as desertification and loss of clean air, the young actress has committed to be of service to One Million Trees with on-the-field assistance.

click to watch the video

10:10 awareness campaign (2010)

10:10 is an ambitious project to unite each individual and every sector of society behind one simple idea: we all commit to reduce our emissions by 10% starting in 2010, then work together to make it happen.

10:10 was initially planned as a UK campaign, but on the very first day – 1st of September 2009 – they received an email from Malaysia: "Hi! I'd love to start a 10:10 campaign here. What do I do?". Over 100 enquiries from 27 countries followed in the next few months, until they finally admitted they had to go global.

‘artists united’ produced an awareness campaign for 10:10 France that was donated to them after they launched on June 5th in Paris.

Based on the ideas of ‘the power of one’ (=the power to do something, anything) we wanted to emphasize the power each one of us has, as an individual.

We’ve worked on the equivalent for 10:10 UK and 10:10 Global and have offered concepts for their grand event; 10.10.10.

in wings (10/10/10)

On the 10th of October 2010, three creatures wearing wings set out in the 19th district of Paris for an uplifting raid through the neighborhood.

Inspirational messages were pasted, grafittied, drawn and stickered by 4 creatures wearing wings.

The streets surrounding metro Riquet and Crimee, from the quai de Seine to the Rue d’Aubervilliers have witnessed lots of trouble for decades, and the people living there have been left alone to handle it.
There has been no police, no social workers to look after those who need it the most.

As all people in need for a brighter future, they dream of one. And the first step towards realizing a dream is having hope and support that can strengthen you to follow through and make something of it.

We wish to acknowledge the pain and hardship these people are suffering and celebrate the humanity they often carry with much more morale and principle than most of us, who have less to complain about.

the end of coral reefs? (13/11/10)

Hundreds of Belizians and international supporters gathered on Sergeant’s Caye, an island on the Barrier Reef off the coast of Belize City, to form a human banner asking whether the end is near for the endangered coral reefs around the world.

This art event was held on the final day of the three-day Belize Reef Summit which urged global leaders to take strong action at the upcoming U.N. Climate Conference in Cancun, Mexico.

The aerial artist John Q asked me to assist him with the creation of the artistic production and as his Art Team coordinator I had the pleasure to work with a brilliant team of artists.

click here to view the campaign. 1010.html1010.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

Astrid Peeters used damaged buildings and desolate environments to point out the pain and misery our individualistic and often harmful way of living causes.

Costume designer Pieter Van den Zegel recreated Lady Justice and with the help of illustrator Brechtje Van Bel we are confronted with the injustice of our ‘system of law’.

closing statement cop16 (2010)

Spectral Q produced and directed the closing statement at the COP for the fourth year in a row. The image was created as a global message in support of Greenpeace International and, on the last day of the 2010 Climate Conference in Cancun Mexico. 

As part of the Spectral Q team, I helped in creating the concept, discussing the esthetics and was ultimately assigned to take the actual shot.

The image expresses our concern after the climate talks of whether there’s reason for hope when it comes to saving our planet, with the negotiators all suited-up drowning in the background.

more on this production here.

sunflower celebrating chelsea’s light (2011)

We created this giant human sunflower to remember and celebrate the light of Chelsea King’s brilliant spirit and her enthusiasm for all aspects of life.

Chelsea King was, at 17, a support for her friends and an inspiration for many. Even after her tragic death her spirit continues to motivate thousands all over the world.

Chelsea’s infectious zest for life was memorialized with the words “Joie de Vivre” and her trademark sunflower. We hope this video reminds you to live each day with the utmost joy and to engage with your community.

more on this production here.

peace message from palestinian youth (2011)

On November 25th, Jericho's West Bank in occupied Palestinian territory saw striking images of a different kind when hundreds of schoolchildren stood to form a spectacular aerial image of Picasso's Peace Dove.

The children, who were all from UN-run schools in the Jericho area, formed a giant dove in an area which is normally associated with conflict and bitter international disputes.

Co-creating this particular piece with aerial artist John Quigley was to me personally a very important step. I have lived in the midst of that Middle Eastern conflict zone for  many years and I have friends on all sides. To be able to present something so pure and positive with children that are often being portrayed as the enemy, gives me a lot of hope and I’m grateful for having had the chance to contribute to this production.

more on this production here.

africa roars for climate action (2011)

For the 17th UN Climate Conference we gathered together almost 1,500 children on the beach in Durban to form the image of a roaring lion, sending a message to the leaders of COP17: show some courage and make the right decisions.

The image was based on the drawing of the very talented Ado, one of the kids that participated in the creation of the giant, aerial human sculpture.

Ado celebrated his sweet 16 on the last day of the COP, hoping that the political leaders would be brave enough to make sure he’d have a sweet future too.

more on this production here.