For A Better World produced this artistic campaign for - a project that inspires people to help planting 1 million trees in Flanders, Belgium and 1 million in the Amazon.

This sensitizing campaign runs alongside Marie’s actual cooperation on the field. (see below)

marie ... the woman of your trees (2010)

This specific production delivered a media campaign composed of stills (photographs, posters, publications in magazines, postcards etc) and a 30’’ video clip, to be broadcasted on national television, various websites and at several film festivals like the Nature Film Festival in Kortrijk.

The campaign is being launched on the 22nd of April 2010, known as Earth Day and will run till the end of next planting season.

‘artists united’ For A Better World finances and creates artistic productions that are used for inspirational, sensitizing and nonprofit purposes.

‘artists united’ For A Better World presents

Marie Vinck - actress                                                                                

Sophie Rata - photographer

Bert Oste - videographer

Pieter Van den Zegel - costume designer

Annelien Debusschere - visual & make-up artist

Thomas Gielen - topmodel/actor

Peter Eeckelaert - graphic designer

Pieter Embrechts - actor/voice over artist

Mayli M - creative director and producer

Music written by Erika and Simon Angell and performed by Thus:Owls

the production.

In an attempt to create greater awareness to deforestation and the consequential effects such as desertification and loss of clean air, actress Marie Vinck is supporting One Million Trees with on-the-field cooperation.

The goal of this project is to plant one million trees in Flanders, Belgium and one million trees in the Amazon. This is Belgium’s way to support the United Nations’ mission to add 7 billion newly planted trees to our planet.

To support them, please go to One Million Trees and plant your own tree.

Marie’s commitment consists of posing for the ‘One million trees’ awareness campaign, participation on plantings, assistance on events such as ‘Green pencil Day’ and personal investment into the cause.

So far the young actress has helped planting trees together with schoolchildren and other volunteers and has encouraged people to color  our map to remind the government of its ‘green zones’ commitment and as a spokesperson she defends her cause publicly during interviews and public appearances.

To view future events and stay updated on the campaign, please view our project’s page on ‘artists united’ For A Better World.

marie vinck for 1 million trees (2010)