peace message from palestinian youth (2011)

Spectral Q presents

John Q - aerial artist, director, producer

Mayli M - co-producer, photographer

Johan Eriksson - videographer

Sami Khoury - faciltator

Fritz Frohlich - coordinator

with thanks to the UNRWA Westbank team

as part of Project Peace on Earth

On November 25th, 2011 we helped hundreds and hundreds of children from the United Nations schools in the Jericho area to create a massive aerial image, sending out a peace message to the world.

Directed by aerial artist John Quigley who has created mass images from groups of people for over a quarter of a century, they gathered at the foot of the Mount of Temptation, just outside Jericho in the shape of Pablo Picasso’s Peace Dove.

Governor of Jericho, Majed Al-Fityani said “We hope we can convince the other side that we can work together because there is no other place for any of us to go, not for them and not for us. So we continue to reeducate our youth, as we have done for the past 16 years, and teach them to accept the other. If we cannot do that, we will both lose.”

Jericho has a population of around 16000 people of which 8000 is under 18 years old. This is not a minority speaking out and it is our hope that, through this image, the world hears them.

“The world needs to sit up and listen to the youth of this region”, said UNRWA Commissioner General Filippo Grandi. “Their iconic message of peace is essential. It is the voice of the next generation and one that will define our future.”

The image is being created as part of Project Peace on Earth, an effort headed by Steve Robertson which will stage a globally broadcast Musical Prayer for Peace concert on Christmas day from Bethlehem’s Manger Square.

Steve tells us of the event; “Our soul is defined by the music of our heart. When we listen towards that Divinity and choose to express that joyful wisdom, the result is always peace.”