harmony or the end of coral reefs (2010)

Spectral Q presents

John Q - aerial artist, director, producer                                                                                 

Daryl Hannah - actor, activist

Lou Dematteis - aerial photographer, journalist

Kurt Soderling - aerial videographer

Jeff Pantukhoff - videographer

Julia Jaye Posin - logistics

Mayli M - art team coordinator

the production.

Spectral Q Aerial Art is a unique medium of communication that is designed to build community and inspire creativity. Spectral Q has created over a 150 major Human Aerial Art images around the world on every continent as non-commercial communications and has the largest body of work in this medium.

This particular aerial piece was created on the last day of the Reef Summit in Belize and advocates for harmony between mankind and its natural environment, for respect for nature and all forms of life.

Our current ways of consumption, the way we produce goods and exhaust our resources have resulted in scarcity that warns us for the future.

It is for that reason that hundreds of Belizians and international supporters morphed from a spiral drawing in the water representing harmony, to the question ‘is this the end?’

We’re making very poor use of our resources and unless we realize the true value of our natural world and the life it offers, this will be the end of coral reefs.

You could say that that is not the end of the world, but in this case, it kind of is. Without life on land, life in the ocean will continue to flourish. But without life under water, all life on earth will die.

And reefs happen to be crucial for the survival of life under water.

The end was used not just to symbolize the possible end of coral reefs and life as we know it, but also to inspire an end of our destructive and self-serving society.

The suggestion of harmony is also part of the launch of the Harmony Initiative, a partnership between the film ‘Harmony’ narrated by Prince Charles, and the Global Campaign for Climate Action.