For the UK for instance, where people have been informed of the importance of joining 10:10 it is more important to show HOW you can cut your carbon as well as having people understand what a low-carbon lifestyle looks like.

Cutting your carbon doesn’t have to be a step backwards in the quality of your lifestyle, on the contrary, it usually means adding richness and value to what’s essential in life.

This campaign was produced with the principles and philosophy of 10:10 in mind. This is why we photographed using natural lights and had every tentener write his/her own message.

For France it was important to sensitize people about WHY it is so important we need to cut our carbon and inspire people to action by joining 10:10 and have them cut ten percent within twelve months.

‘artists united’ For A Better World finances and creates artistic productions that are used for inspirational, sensitizing and nonprofit purposes.

‘artists united’ For A Better World presents

Sophie Rata - photographer

Peter Eeckelaert - graphic designer

Mayli M - creative director and producer

thanks to

Joëlle Dollé for the use of her studio

with best wishes to

Yann Arthus Bertrand and the GoodPlanet crew

for starting 10:10 in France

the production for 10:10 France

10:10 awareness campaign (2010)