closing statement cop16 (2010)

Spectral Q presents

John Q - aerial artist, director, producer

Daryl Hannah - actor, activist, spokesperson

Mayli M - artistic coordinator, photographer

for Greenpeace International


the production.

This particular aerial art piece produced by Spectral Q was created on the last day of the UN Climate Conference in Cancun Mexico, known as COP16, as a closing statement questioning whether the results of the Climate talks are hopeful at all.

The negotiators wearing suits appear to be drowning in the water just like they seem to be drowning in the negotiations.

Even UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon told world environment ministers he is deeply concerned that many years of negotiation have proven largely fruitless. “The pace of human induced climate change is accelerating. We need results now, results that curb global greenhouse emissions. Nature will not wait while we negotiate and science warns that the window of opportunity to prevent uncontrolled climate change will soon close.”

For some, this means the loss of their land, sometimes even their country. We cannot foresee all of the impacts but we can already see some of the challenges we’ll be facing; floods in Pakistan, fires in Russia, typhoons in Vietnam, drought in Mexico - every nation has a tale of climate related woe. The most vulnerable nations include the small island states of the Pacific, the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean, which are threatened by rising seas, stronger hurricanes and fresh water shortages.

By using the word hope we’re also calling out to the US and its president, Barack Obama. The USA is the only major greenhouse-gas emitter which declined to ratify the 1997 Kyoto Protocol to limit planet heating pollution and as Ronny Jumeau, a delegate from the 150-island archipelago of Seychelles said; “If we sink, Manhattan sinks. Are the big countries paying attention?”