sanat atölyesi - urfa (2005 - 2010)

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Vzw Chaldea and Chaldea Kilim Gallery started the project ‘Sanat Atölyesi’ or ‘art studio’ in 2006.

The idea is to provide a school in Southeast Turkey with an art atelier by the end of 2010. The children of the village will then be able to discover the different disciplines of the arts like the fine arts, music, drama and dance. This way the kids will have the opportunity to develop their own creativity and discover their talents. This project was inspired by the ideas of Austrian culture philosopher Gerard Jäger.

For further inquiries you may contact the person who is realizing a life’s dream with the built-up of the Sanat Atölyesi;

Bulent Ozturk
Volksstraat 64
2000 Antwerp
+ 32 497 04 09 33

A second goal is to equalize rights between girls and boys. There is less chance for a girl to get an education or the opportunity for personal development in this region. Through the art atelier we will try to offer them a wider range of possibilities. The school has already been built thanks to the combined efforts of the local community. We must only built a second floor and provide the startup materials...